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Shalynn Boarding Fees (Cats)

Our new Alpine style catteries,
built over two floors for extra space & comfort.


 All of our 'chalet style' catteries are spacious and airy, with heat in the winter (at no extra cost). We have 66 standard size units suited for 1 or 2 cats, (from the same family, cats are never mixed) while our 7 larger units comfortably house up to 6 cats at a time. The larger units can be used for 1 or 2 cats, (if available) at a rate of £14 per day. Last of all, we have four luxury Alpine lodges. These were put in place in late 2010, and are built to house upto 4/5 cats from the same family. They have two floors for extra space and comfort, and are priced at £15 per day. All of our catteries have a window(s), shelves and a scratch post. We keep a variety of brand name foods, wet & dry to suit the majority of our residents. Owners are welcome to supply any special diets which we do not stock. Since we don't supply bedding, by all means bring along any items your cat may find homely during his/her stay, i.e. beds, blankets, toys etc.

Should your cat require medication then our staff  are more than competent at administering it. (Oral only) Since we are a licensed cattery, all cats must be vaccinated before we can allow them to board with us. Please make sure you bring your vaccination records with you as we now have to keep all records on site whilst your pet is staying with us.  (We do not have to keep rabbit vaccination records)

We will make every endeavour to ensure the health and happiness of your pets whilst in our care, as we have done for the past 38 years. 

All customers will need to pay a £15 non-refundable deposit. We accept cash, cheques (accompanied by guarantee card) and all major UK credit and debit cards (not American Express, Diners club or JCB). Please note that credit card payments are subject to an additional 2.5% charge. There is no additional charge for debit card payments. 

We prefer payment upon delivery of your pet(s) but will make exceptions for payment upon collection where necessary.

Please Note:

We charge for the day you drop off, and for the day of collection.


Cancellation Fee:

Anyone cancelling a booking will automatically lose their £15 non-refundable deposit.


One of Three Rows, Standard Catteries


The new Cattery Kitchen



No. of Days

1 Cat

2 Cats

3 Cats

4 Cats





































10% Discount

10% Discount

10% Discount

10% Discount

Please Note: Your cat can be left for any number of days, the table above is merely to help with working out calculations.

 Each additional cat when sharing within a household of 4 is charged at £1 extra per day. I.E. 5 Cats = £16 per day, 6 cats = £17 per day.



Shalynn Boarding Fees (Cats)